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The Somatic Salvia Network

Welcome to the Somatic Salvia Network, the only place in the world dedicated to providing education, supportive community, and a network focused on the intersection of somatic therapy and Salvia Divinorum.

It's time to connect, grow, and heal.

People from all around the world are having profound and insightful healing experiences with Salvia Divinorum. The goal of the Somatic Salvia Network is to connect you with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

When You Join Today

Your monthly membership includes access to: 

  • Introductory Somatic Salvia Course: This course will allow you to explore the intersection between somatic therapy and Salvia Divinorum through video lessons, pre-recorded somatic exercises, quizzes and group discussions. The course provides an overview of somatics, Salvia, and illustrates how the two are related. 
  • Free Integration Circles: Given the importance of conversation in integrating experiences, we regularly hold live integration circles. These allow participants to share their experiences, learn from others, and support each other on their path to understanding and healing. The integration circles offered are exclusively for members of the community. 
  • Integration Circle Notes: Gain access to an archive of notes and summaries from previous integration circles. 
  • Community chat: Connect with others and engage in meaningful, interesting and supportive discussions with members of the network. 
  • A community that 'gets it': Let's be frank, the Salvia experience is extremely unique. Even seasoned psychonauts don't always understand or connect to Salvia. We understand what some of your Salvia experiences might have been like. We facilitate an environment of empathetic understanding to give you space where you can feel heard and understood. Feeling heard and understood plays a large role in healing, and that is was this community provides.
  • Guest lectures: The Somatic Salvia Network plans on having lectures from experts in the field of somatic therapy, mindfulness and expanded states of consciousness.
  • Somatic and journaling exercises: Gain access to pre-recorded somatic awareness exercises that you can listen to 24/7 as well as journaling exercises. Share your thoughts with others through the chat, or keep them private and close to your heart. 
  • Accountability and support: An important part of healing and integration is doing the day-to-day work. You don't have to do this alone. Make things easier on yourself by sharing your goals and requesting support and accountability from the community.  Find mentors, collaborators, and friends who will walk alongside you on your personal journey.
  • Course content: 
    • Section 1: A brief overview of Salvia Divinorum
      • Lesson 1: History and botanical background
      • Lesson 2: Salvia Morphology
      • Lesson 3: Active compounds and the effects of Salvinorin-A. 
    • Section 2: Introduction to Somatics 
      • Lesson 4: Definition and principles of somatics
      • Lesson 5: Historical background and development of somatics
      • Lesson 6: The mind-body connection and its significance to somatics 
    • Section 3: The Relationship between Salvia Divinorum and Somatics
      • Lesson 7: Salvia Divinorum as a somatic medicine
    • Section 4: Methods of Consumption 
      • Lesson 8: Traditional Methods
      • Lesson 9: Modern consumption techniques 
      • Lesson 10: Experience Timeline Quidding vs Smoking
    • Section 5: Preparing for a Salvia Divinorum Experience
      • Lesson 11: Set, Setting 
      • Lesson 12: Expectations
    • Section 6: Dosage
      • Lesson 13: Dosage
    • Section 7: Common Experiences
      • Lesson 14: Common Experiences
    • Section 8: Journeying with Salvia Divinorum
      • Lesson 15: Importance of a trusted sitter.
      • Lesson 16: How to be a good sitter
      • Lesson 17: Guided Sessions

How is this community different from other online communities, like the Salvia subreddit? 

Good question - there are a few main differences. 

1) By having a private, membership-based community, it helps to ensure that the content remains top-notch, high quality, and personally relevant. Your feed won't be flooded by annoying memes and bad advice.  

2) A closed yet inclusive community increases the likelihood that connections can deepen and grow over time, rather than there being a high turnover of people coming and going.

By joining this community you're not only signing up for educational content, but for the benefits and results you'll gain from the relationships formed.

We look forward to you joining our vibrant community of Salvianauts and curious explorers of consciousness.